About Listeria

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Government Resources

Economic Research Service:  Product Liability and Microbial Foodborne Illness (pdf)
This report examines how product liability law treats personal injuries attributed to microbially contaminated foods. The risk of lawsuits stemming from microbial foodborne illness and the resulting court-awarded compensation may create economic incentives for firms to produce safer food. It is not known how many consumers seek compensation for damages from contaminated foods because information about complaints and legal claims involving foodborne illness is not readily accessible, especially for cases that are settled out of court. Reviewing the outcomes of 175 jury trials involving foodborne pathogens, the analysis identifies several factors that influence trial outcomes.
Foodsafety.gov Educational Resources
This page on foodsafety.gov provides information about foodborne illness prevention to education, trainers, and organizations in a number of different media. Here you can find everything from posters, games, computer software, and teaching guides for elementary and secondary schools.
U.S.D.A. Economic Research Service
The Economic Research Service (or "ERS"), an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, provides economic analysis on issues related to agriculture, food, and the environment. Not all of its research reports are available (in full-text versions) on-line, but the reports are easy to order, and definitely worth reading. Of particular interest is the ERS research on the medical and productivity costs of foodborne illness in the United States. So, next time you're hungry for some numbers, this is an excellent place to look for some.
This is the main government site related to food safety and consumer education. It provides a wealth of information from multiple government agencies on topics ranging from how to keep food safe at home, to recent recalls and news, to primers on foodborne illness bugs. This comprehensive site also includes videos, podcasts, and other multimedia on food safety.
USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
The Food Safety and Inspection Service (or, FSIS) is the public health agency that is responsible for ensuring (or trying to ensure) that the nation's commercial supply of meat, poultry, and egg products is safe, wholesome, and correctly labeled. Not without its critics, this website is still a helpful resource for finding out more about the regulations that govern food inspection.
FDA Food Safety Information
This government website provides food safety information on a wide range of topics. Included are food safety widgets and apps provided by the FDA, information on food allergens, foodborne illness, Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP), recent recall lists, and much more. The side also links to recent news and studies on food safety and product-specific information and concerns.
HSE (Health & Safety Executive) Reducing Risks - Protecting People
The UK Health and Safety Commission (HSC) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are responsible for the regulation of almost all the risks to health and safety arising from work activity in Britain.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency: Listeria
Fact sheet on Listeria infection, including symptoms, risks, and what producers are doing to try to protect consumers.
Centers for Disease Control: Frequently Asked Questions about Listeria monocytogenes
Answers questions such as: How common is Listeria monocytogenes? What sort of germ is Listeria? How is the infection diagnosed? How does food or water get contaminated with Listeria? What can be done to prevent the infection? What are public health agencies doing to prevent or control Listeria?